Crimson Snow

Crimson Snow is New Adult contemporary romance. Lost and Found Series, Book 1.

She searched for him for twelve years, but the man she found was not the same boy she lost…


In another life, when I was a different girl, Kevin was my whole world. He was my half-brother, my best friend, my everything!

My new family changed my name to Lauren, and for twelve years they desperately tried to fix me, make me forget… My father kept me on a short leash, controlled every aspect of my life, and forced me into submission. The one thought keeping me afloat was to find Kevin, but he vanished without a trace, disappeared from the face of the Earth.

Fate interfered and twisted our paths to give us the opportunity to meet again.

But the man I found was not the boy I lost.

Can this new Kevin help me defeat my demons, or does he have too many of his own?


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